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Boompublic is a platform for creating, buying, selling and publishing posts on social media in one click.

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Boompublic. Sell your content to popular public pages!Boompublic. Sell your content to popular public pages!

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Dozens of businesses on social networks have already joined Boompublic in search of better content.

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Create content right here on Boompublic and send directly for approval to content buyers. Photos, videos and even polls - unlimited opportunities for creativity

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Why just post on social networks if you can sell posts? Don’t waste your talent.

It’s easy to earn money with BoompublicIt’s easy to earn money with Boompublic

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You don’t have to pay any fixed subscription fees and can access all potential content buyers for free. Only a small 15% commission is taken when your post is purchased by a business.

You can create  content of any format available on popular social networks from short Tweets to longer posts with excellent graphics. Typical posts are short text plus stunning visual content, e.g. image or video.

We don’t have any specific qualification or experience reqirements for creators. Only your posts matter! If you can create unique high-quality posts for business based on a brief you can be successful with us.

Once a proposed post is accepted by a business you will receive payment excluding the Boompublic 15% fee. Earned money can be transferred to your Bank Card or PayPal account at any time.

Any business which requires high-quality ready-to-publish content can work with us. We’re focused on smalland medium businesses, startups which simply don’t have time, money or expertise to create social media content on a day-to-day basis.

We have more than 60 content categories covering a range of topics from beauty and fashion to science, finance and manufacturing.

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